EU Consulting

Our offer is consulting and supporting you in gaining and complete accounting for the European Union financing.

Effectiveness and experience

We efficiently gain and account for the EU funds in the following areas: innovative services and products, transfer of knowledge, R&D, infrastructure, implementing IT use, environmental protection, export activities and trainings.

Comprehensive services

Our activities are targeted to comprehensive services including consultancy combined with the analysis and identification of the optimum source of the supporting, works on the preparation of the complete application documents and accounting for the gained funds.

Diversified customers

Our clients are business entities, local authority units, non-governmental organisations, universities, kindergartens, museums and theatres.

Our well-qualified staff

Diversity of qualifications and experience of our staff together with the extensive network of experts collaborators allow the comprehensive management of projects related to various areas.

Transparent terms of cooperation

Our remuneration depends on grant value and it is established according to pre-agreed clear principles.

Preparation of the complete documentation

Your application will be constructed in a way that maximizes the chance for its favourable considering. Our offer also includes providing the support at project settlement.

Obtaining financing for your company

Fill in the form and check for what programmes you can use!

Stages of cooperation